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Neighborhood Formulary

You may search the Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island Formulary in several ways:

Alphabetical Search

You can use the alphabetical list to search by the first letter of the medication you are looking for.

Brand & Generic Name Search
You can search by typing part of the generic (chemical) or brand (trade) name of the medication you are looking for. 

Therapeutic Class Search
You can search by selecting the therapeutic class of the medication you are looking for.

If the medication that you are looking for is not listed it is considered a non Formulary drug.  Non Formulary drugs require that the prescriber submit a Pharmacy Benefit Exception Request form.  Forms are available on Neighborhood’s Website.  

Neighborhood encourages the use of generic drugs as first line alternatives for most drug classes.  Please utilize generic drugs whenever possible.

If you have questions please call Neighborhood’s Customer Service Department at 1-401-459-6020.

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